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“Music to me means more than just words it's about life. Where you’ve been, where you came from and where you are going. It’s therapy for the soul.”

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Monaye Love hails from St. Paul, Minnesota.  She started singing at age 8 and writing at age 11.  Her musical influences range from the expected - Stevie Wonder, Jessie Johnson, The Time, Prince, Mazarati and Rachelle Ferrell – to the unexpected – The Andrew Sisters who were also Minnesota natives from the 1930s.

Running out of the gate at full speed at 8years old, Monaye sang the National Anthem at Alan Page’s swearing in to the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1993.  From that point on, Monaye made it a point to take advantage of every opportunity afforded to her in school.  In junior high, she participated in singing contests, joined her school choir and band, continuously learned to play new instruments and learned a valuable lesson:  instead of  comparing herself to others, she focused on honing her own skills, finding her uniqueness.   As her band teacher told her one day, “you were born for music.

By the time Monaye reached high school, she was on her path adding studio recording to her list of musical experiences  – music was her passion and that was all she saw in her future.  At age 16, Monaye was offered a recording deal, but was wisely counseled by her mother to turn it down and give herself more time to learn about life and establish her own unshakable foundation.

Monaye joined the Gospel group, James Grear Nu Friends, recording an album with them that earned a Stella nomination in 2008.  She left the group soon after and began performing solo, opening up for major artists like Montel Jordan, Talib Kweli, Young Dro, Sunny Valentine and Twista. 

Monaye’s debut single, "Finally Home" on Reo Deo Record Label September 9th 2013, and Released Second "In The Club Place" Single under Reo Deo Record, Janurary 13, 2015.

Monaye Love_“The world is my canvas and I paint a picture through my voice."